When you enter into any type of legal agreement, you are required to sign a contract, but unless you have a mobile notary Hollywood notarize it, it will not be enough to stand in a court of law. Legal documents often require notarization in order to prevent fraud, ensure that the agreements are carried out properly, and to provide a witness to prove that the parties signed the document knowingly and willingly, as these contracts are binding in nature. Joe Kennedy has been helping people sign all kinds of important documents for over twelve years and serves the Los Angeles County, and parts of the Orange County and Ventura County areas. As a full service mobile notary, we can travel to help you with your notarization needs, usually within two hours. With many years of experience, Joe Kennedy is familiar with various types of documents and is prepared to help you with any your questions or concerns. When you need your next document notarized, call Joe Kennedy the best mobile notary Hollywood for the job.

Services we offer:

  • Deeds
  • Auto vehicle purchase/loan
  • Apostilles
  • 1031 property transfers

As you search for the notary service Hollywood that is right for you, you will find that generally, there are two types of notaries: stationary and mobile.  You’re probably familiar with stationary clerks, they work from their home or office and you are requested to meet them for notarization.  Mobile notaries, however, are available to meet you at your work, home, or any other location where their services are needed.

Although you’ve probably never had to think about it, stationary notaries can be a bit of an inconvenience.  Between taking time off of work and sitting in traffic to travel to a notary’s office, stationary notaries can cost you time and money.  With mobile notaries like Joe Kennedy, you don’t have to worry about leaving early from work or racing across town before the notary’s office closes.   For mobile clerks, their office is wherever you need them, which allows you to save time and money.  Mobile clerks like Joe Kennedy can accommodate your busy schedule; just pick a time between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm and he is available to meet you.

If you need a mobile notary Hollywood, Joe Kennedy is the perfect pick for you.  Not only do his twelve years of experience give him the knowledge you need, but his availability saves you time and money.  Joe Kennedy is one phone call away.