Simi Valley Mobile Notary

Many legal documents require more from you than your simple signature, due to their binding nature, and responsibilities involved, for them to be seen as unquestionably legitimate, such as a witness to the signing like a mobile notary public Simi Valley. As there must be agreement between the parties involved in the signing of any contract, it cannot simply be taken legally as an official agreement without notarization, as this process not only witnesses the signatures but also verifies the identities of the signers.

With over twelve years of experience helping people sign all kinds of important legal documents, Joe Kennedy Notary Public serves the Los Angeles County, as well as parts of Ventura County and Orange County with quick, reliable notary services and we possess the experience and knowledge to answer any questions or concerns signers may have regarding their specific documents. Call Joe Kennedy at Kennedy Mobile Notary Simi Valley when you need to get a document notarized. We are the go to Simi Valley Mobile Notary.

Our services include:

  • Mortgage Loans
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Structured settlements

When referring to a notary service Simi Valley, you will quickly learn that there are two types of notaries: stationary and mobile. Stationary notaries, as you can imagine, are notaries who work from their homes or offices.  If you want a stationary clerk to notarize your documents, you must go to them.  Trying to meet a stationary clerk can be stressful: you might have to take some time off of work to visit them.  Other times, you might be in a rush because you want to get to them before they close.  Mobile notaries, on the other hand travel to meet you.  Whether you want them to meet you at home, work, or wherever their notarization powers are needed, mobile clerks like Joe Kennedy are available to meet you at your desired location.

Joe Kennedy’s services are perfect for anyone with a busy itinerary.  He will accommodate your schedule and can meet you anytime between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.  Kennedy Notary Services allows you to save time and money.

If you are in need of a public official to notarize important legal documents, look no further than a mobile notary Simi Valley.  Joe Kennedy is an experienced public notary who is extremely knowledgeable about the various kinds of documents that need notarization.  For, speedy, professional, and superior, notarial service, Joe Kennedy is only a phone call away.