Mobile Notary Service for Apostilles

The word “apostille” in French means “certification.” Do you need an apostille to prove the authenticity of a document you are sending to an institution or business in another country? A legal document originating from California (or any other State), even if notarized, might not be recognized and accepted in another country. To prove the document is authentic, an apostille (certification) is required. In California the apostille is issued by the California Secretary of State. The apostille contains a date, a unique registration number, and a stamp provided by a State employee, guaranteeing authenticity. This certification (apostille) is attached to the public document to affirm that the signees are who they say they are. For example, a student applying to study for a Master’s degree in a foreign country must prove to the foreign university that he or she already has a valid Bachelor’s degree. My job as a notary trained in obtaining apostilles is to first have the Bachelor’s degree notarized and then get the California Secretary of State to also certify it. With an apostille attached the degree is now able to be recognized by the foreign institution.

To know for sure if you need an apostille for any reason—business, education, or otherwise—you can get advice from a relevant government department in the foreign country, or from the educational institution you want to enroll with, or the American embassy in that country, or their consulate located here in the U.S. If you do need an apostille, contact me and I will be glad to assist.